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Breathe Easy Spa | Specializing in Your Texture of Hair and Makeup Techniques
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Specializing in Your Texture of Hair and Makeup Techniques

11 Apr Specializing in Your Texture of Hair and Makeup Techniques

I have been a hairstylist for 20+ years and I have worked in salons in Manhattan and Brooklyn.  The first Salon was in Brooklyn.  It was an around the way type of space.  I wasn’t happy because I was bored with doing the same type of hair all day and week long.  So, I went to  Manhattan to do hair because I wanted to get my hands on hair I had never touched before.  I accomplished that by working at Dramatics for Hair,  Hair I Am and a few others but in between them I was an intern. I worked with Jingles International, a London based salon that trained me in the art of haircutting and styling.

I am giving you this small background on me because I want the World to know that I an not a “Natural hair specialist”, I am a “HAIR SPECIALIST”. This is why I Specialize in Your Texture of Hair.  I do not want to be put in a box.  I love to do relaxers and color and condition and cut and style and I love to do all of these things with my clients. What ever makes you happy and helps you to maintain strong healthy hair at what ever length you wish to rock is what I do. So, please remember our stylist at Breathe Easy Spa ” Specialize in Your Texture of Hair and Makeup techniques”.  We are all about Hair and skin and the condition of both .  Love who you are the texture of your hair and the skin your in.


Breathe Easy

Ayaba Breathe


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